Swarm Collection

When a hive gets too crowded, the Queen and most of the workers set off to find a new home.  She waits on her perch surrounded by the many workers while scouts search for a suitable location.  While intimidating in appearance, swarms are typically not aggressive.  Swarms are easily relocated and ideal for preserving.  PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY!

Bee Hive Removal and Relocation

A bee hive in the forest is a welcome sight. A bee hive in a house can be a destructive nuisance. To effectively remove a hive from a structure, the bees, combs, and honey must all be removed.  Killing the bees does not fix the problem as the honey and brood left behind will spoil and rot, causing further damage to the structure. 

Live colonies can be safely removed and relocated, preserving the bees and the structure.  Non-invasive approaches are sometimes available that require little to no disassembly of the structure.  PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY!

Local Honey

Who doesn't love honey, that golden nectar of a thousand flowers?  Raw, unprocessed, and completely natural, all of our honey comes straight from our own hives.



Honey came in a bit lighter in color this spring, crisp and very sweet.  Later season honey was more golden and robust

1lb bottle $10

2 lb bottle $20

Vintage Mason Jar (2lb 12oz) $25

2020 Crop Available in June



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Honey Bee Identification

Honey bees have thick furry bodies, wide black legs, and orange-tan striping.  They nest in cavities above ground and are usually not aggressive.  Relocation is the best option.

Yellow jacket wasps have a narrow waist, skinny yellow legs, and bright yellow banding. They usually nest below ground and in cavities. VERY aggressive.  Extermination is the best option.

Yellow Jacket
Honey Bee


The honey bee is a marvelous creation.  Mankind has relied on these creatures for thousands of years. We enjoy their honey and wax products, but even more so, we rely on them to pollinate our food crops.  We need their help. But today, the bees need our help too.  Faced with declining habitat and pressures from diseases and pesticides, the bees are struggling to catch up.  As a beekeeper, I am committed to helping bees survive and thrive. 


If you have spotted a swarm, or if honey bees have moved into your walls, do not fear!  I offer professional removal services with a commitment to preserving the bees and protecting your property.   I carry insurance and use easy to understand contracts on every job for your peace of mind. If you have bee trouble, put down the spray, call today! 


All services are fully insured.


Honey Bee Removal & Relocation Services

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